Creativity Coaching

~ for people who have chosen to create

Being a creative person comes with many challenges: lack of time, indecision, self-doubt, lack of confidence, perfectionism – to name just a few!

Of the many things a creative person needs from a creativity coach, the main one is support. If you feel you need support to get started or to keep going with your everyday creative life, then you may benefit from one or more Creative Coaching sessions with me.

What do creativity coaches do? 2015-08-19 15.54.19

They help clients create and make meaning. With their clients, they investigate issues of blockage, self-doubt, anxiety, fear of failure, worries about mistakes, and the other process and personality issues that interfere with getting creative work done. They help creators deal with marketplace issues, career issues, issues of isolation, and the other issues that inevitably arise for people who have chosen to create. They support, listen, educate, respond, and help their clients get their work done and live in the real world.

How do we work together?

Communication via email seems to work best, though options are also available for phone or online conversations. When you sign up, I email you some preliminary questions for you to answer and we take it from there. You can purchase a package of coaching sessions or purchase just one session, as needed.

Often small steps are all that are needed to get you on the right track, or to take you to the next level. I can help you set goals, provide tips and templates, help you manage your creative time, explore meaning, help you stay focused and check in on your progress at agreed times.

Take a positive step towards unfolding your creative life!

Read about my background or use the form on the Contact page to contact me and we can discuss a Creativity Coaching arrangement that will work for you.