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If you need further convincing that we are all creative beings, read on!

  • There are many ways to define creativity, just as there are countless ways to be creative
  • Know that you are creative and you probably already do many creative things in your day-to-day life. You might be good at problem-solving; or send your children to school with beautifully arranged lunchboxes; you might brighten up your windowsill with a fresh flower; make a personal gift for a friend; or share a funny story that brightens up your workplace. These are all creative acts, which involve imagination and self-expression
  • Everyday creativity helps us see creativity as a way of life, and as a process that anyone can practice, regardless of their artistic ability
  • Everyday creativity need not involve long, daily hours of dedicated arts practice. It could begin with a small step: for example, to spend a few minutes each day on a creative project
  • Creativity often involves curiosity, asking new or powerful questions, and being open to new ways of seeing
  • Do you lack Self-belief? Many of us grew up believing we were not creative, or we have no talent or capacity to be creative. Art teacher Chris Zydel tells her students that, it’s not the product that is important, but the process, the creative process:

The main thing I try to communicate … is that everyone is creative, that you don’t need to be taught to be creative, it’s hard-wired in us. If you hand a 4-year-old paper and crayons they won’t say, I’m sorry, I don’t have any talent.” (Chris Zydel, Arts & Healing Podcast, 2/6/2009)


  • You might find it helpful, especially at the beginning, to keep this in mind as you explore your creativity: focus on the process, on the doing, rather than on the things you produce. The creative moments when we are fully engaged and absorbed, when we are “in flow,” provide the greatest benefit to our well-being.
  • Creativity is also good for brain health: learn a new craft, improve your art skills, or read books about creativity to inspire your creative life – see Resources for some suggestions.
  • Even though personal creativity may not lead to fame and fortune, it can do something that from the individuals’ point of view is even more important: make day to day experiences more vivid, more enjoyable, more rewarding. When we live creatively, boredom is banished and every moment holds the promise of a fresh discovery.

    ~ Mihaly Czikszentmihaly, Creativity